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Gearbox & Body

Specifications (body): 
Height: 3.0 inches
Length: 23.5 inches
Width: 2.9 inches
Weight: 4.5 oz

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Our new combination set includes the ornithopter gearbox, motor, wing spars, and a sleek fiberglass body. You will provide the wing fabric and tail to create your own unique ornithopter design.

The set includes two hollow, tapered carbon fiber wing spars that will give you a 68 inch wingspan. The gearbox assembles quickly with screws. The fiberglass body is open on top to provide component access. This will be covered by the wing fabric. The fiberglass body requires sanding and painting in the color of your choice. Weight and dimensions are approximate. If desired, you can add a beak using a lightweight filler product and paint the ornithopter to look like a bird.

The gearbox in this set comes with a 20 tooth pinion gear, which is optimal for the 32.5 inch wing spars that are included with the set. The set includes a powerful, efficient AXI 3208/34 outrunner brushless motor. A three cell lithium polymer battery around 1200mah should be used.

Building your own ornithopter is much easier with this ready made gearbox, wing spars, and fiberglass body. Order the set today and get started on your next amazing ornithopter project!

Ornithopter Gearbox & Body Set - 289.95