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Axon-1b Servo Controller

The Axon-1b Servo Controller flaps the wings of your Robotic Bird RC ornithopter. It weighs only 4.7 grams and has a built-in microprocessor to generate the wing flapping motion for the RC bird. The Axon-1b uses independent motion of the left and right wings for steering. It features a glide mode and variable flapping amplitude coupled with throttle.

The Axon-1b reads the throttle, aileron, and elevator signals from your radio receiver. Then it outputs a new signal to each of the two servos to control the Robotic Bird. All three channels (throttle, aileron, and elevator) are expressed in the movement of the two servos.

The new version now supports a wider range of radio receivers, including most 2.4 GHz receivers. It does not support "satellite" receivers, single-wire protocols, or receivers with micro-connectors.

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