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servo controller

Weight: 5 grams  
Channels: 6
Servos: 2
Wire: 20 AWG

The axonRX makes the wings flap on your servo-powered RC ornithopter. It tells the servos how to move up and down. It also adjusts the wing movement to provide steering.

The axonRX has a built in Spektrum-compatible receiver, so all you have to add are the battery and your two servos. This new design eliminates a lot of wiring and weight from your RC ornithopter! You will need a 6 or more channel Spektrum-compatible transmitter.

The axonRX weighs only 5 grams and has a built-in microprocessor to generate the wing flapping motion for the RC bird. The axonRX uses independent motion of the left and right wings for steering and elevator control. There is no need for a steering mechanism in the tail!

The throttle control works by varying the amplitude of the wing flapping motion. This is in contrast with conventional RC ornithopters, where you can only control the rate of the wing flapping. Being able to vary the flapping amplitude allows a much smoother transition between flapping and gliding flight. And when you cut the throttle, the wings will always stop at a good position for gliding.

axon RX features:

  • The wings are used for steering.
  • The throttle controls the flapping amplitude.
  • Three different flapping rates can be selected.
  • Support for normal and reverse rotation servos.
  • JST connector with heavy guage wire.
  • 7.4 volt operation with soft cutoff.

The new axonRX comes with 20 gauge wire, rated at 10 amps, the same wire gauge that you will see on the high power servos you will be using. Hitec brushless digital servos are recommended for flight, but any 7.4 volt servos can be used.

axonRX servo controller - 98.00