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Crossbow 2 Spare Parts
Spare parts quantities may be limited. BirdKit does not stock wing spars for the ornithopter, but you can purchase the Sky Shark 2PT wing spars here.

     Gearbox Plates - 24.95
One set of gearbox side plates. Left and right side are sold together. Bearings are not included, as you should be able to reuse the bearings from your existing plates.

  Wing Levers (pair) - 9.95
This is the G10 composite piece that goes on the front and back of the wing socket piece. It is sold without bearings and is sold as a pair.

  Wing Socket - 4.95
This is the black plastic piece that holds the wing spar.

  Spacers (set of four) - 4.95
Plastic spacers that go on the top and bottom of the gearbox. They hold the wing hinge axle and receive the gearbox mounting screws.

  48 Pitch Gear - 9.95
Replacement gear, the one that meshes with the pinion gear on the motor. The set screw is included.

  Pinion Shaft - 1.95
Steel shaft with gear teeth that the 48 pitch gear fits onto. It meshes with the final output gear.

  Crank - 12.95
Machined aluminum crank arm.

  Crank Shaft - 6.95
Machined aluminum crank shaft.

  Carbon Ferrule - 2.95
This is the carbon fiber post that the wing spar is glued onto. The screw hole is already drilled.

  Wing Hinge Shaft - 0.95
Steel rod acts as wing hinge axle.