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Crossbow 2s
RC Ornithopter

Wingspan: 68 inches  
Length: 35 inches
Weight: 20 oz

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The Crossbow 2s is a servo-driven version of the Crossbow 2. In place of the modular gear unit, it has a mount for two standard size servos to flap the wings.

The Crossbow 2s requires two Hitec HSB-9360TH brushless servos for flapping the wings, and two HS-5087MH servos for the tail steering mechanism. You will need a 1000mAh, 7.4 volt lithium battery, radio control transmitter and receiver, and a microcontroller such as Adafruit QT Py to control the wing flapping. You will have to do some wiring and programming to complete this project.

The servo-driven Crossbow 2s offers many advantages over the conventional ornithopter. You can achieve variable amplitude wing flapping, which offers more stable descents and smoother transition to gliding flight. You can set the wings in any position for gliding, or actively control the wing position. The wings and tail can work together for improved steering. When the power is off, you can raise the wings straight up for convenient transportation and storage. Tests have shown similar rate of climb to the original version, while offering much quieter flight.

Crossbow 2S Servo Driven Ornithopter Kit - 395.00