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servo controller

Weight: 4.5 g  
Input: cPPM
Voltage: 7.4v
Servos: 2

So you want to build an RC ornithopter, and use servos to flap the wings? Now you don't have to keep moving the stick up and down to get that flapping motion! The Axon servo controller goes in between the radio receiver and the servos. It makes the wings start flapping when you simply increase the throttle. It also adjusts the wing movement to provide steering.

The Axon-1c is designed to work with the cPPM receivers available from OrangeRx. The single-wire communication protocol reduces wiring and weight.

The Axon-1c weighs only 4.5 grams and has a built-in microprocessor to generate the wing flapping motion for the RC bird. It uses independent motion of the left and right wings for steering and elevator control. There is no need for a steering mechanism in the tail.

This unit features a new bi-axial throttle control. By moving the throttle stick of your transmitter up and down, you control the amplitude of the wing flapping. Moving side to side controls the frequency.

This is in contrast with conventional RC ornithopters, where you can only control the rate of the wing flapping. Being able to vary the flapping amplitude allows a much smoother transition between flapping and gliding flight. And when you cut the throttle, the wings will always stop at a good position for gliding.

Axon-1c features:

  • The wings are used for steering.
  • New bi-axial throttle controls amplitude and frequency.
  • Single-wire cPPM receiver connection.
  • JST power connector.
  • 7.4 volt operation.

Hitec brushless digital servos are recommended, due to their high power output and efficiency. Servos must be able to operate at 7.4 volts and must rotate clockwise with increasing PWM signal.

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