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RC Ornithopter

Wingspan: 68 inches
Length: 40 inches
Weight: 20 ounces

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The Crossbow ornithopter is the first radio-controlled, flapping-wing aircraft kit with a sleek fiberglass body and modular gear unit. The Crossbow RC ornithopter has a unique, high-efficiency wing design, giving it excellent performance in flapping and gliding flight. The Crossbow's 68 inch wingspan is the same as a turkey vulture or osprey, making this giant RC bird look awesome in the air!

The Crossbow RC ornithopter (flapping-wing aircraft) was designed for efficient flight. The sailplane-like fuselage and efficient tail surfaces keep the air resistance to a minimum. The pre-sewn fabric wing has a rounded leading edge and cambered profile. It avoids the awkward wing bracing that destroyed the airfoil in previous ornithopters. Unlike earlier RC ornithopters that had an unreliable "glide lock" mechanism, the Crossbow RC ornithopter will glide every time you cut the throttle.

The Crossbow RC ornithopter kit does require assembly. It comes with a clearly written and richly illustrated instruction manual. The Crossbow RC ornithopter is recommended for those who have some prior experience building RC planes, and experience flying with ailerons. The Crossbow RC ornithopter kit is made in the United States.

The Crossbow ornithopter requires a 2000mAh, 7.4 volt lithium battery, a 10 amp brushless ESC, and an RC system with two Hitec HS-55 servos or similar. A powerful AXI 2208/20 outrunner brushless motor is included in the kit!

The Crossbow is no longer in production, but please look at our Gearbox set with Fiberglass Body if you would like to build a similar ornithopter.

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