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Height: 3.1 inches
Length: 3.4 inches
Width: 2.9 inches
Weight: 3.1 oz
Gear Ratio: 28:1 to 42:1
Flapping: 35° with
  adjustable dihedral
Power: 100 watts

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BirdKit's modular gearbox makes it easier for you to build your own RC bird.

The ornithopter gearbox is 3 inches tall. It's suitable for RC ornithopters weighing about 1 pound (0.5kg) with a 4 to 7 foot wingspan. The gearbox is designed to fit in a hollow fuselage, which you can build using traditional balsa wood construction. A fiberglass body is also available.

The carbon fiber studs on the gearbox have a 0.240 inch diameter that will fit our carbon fiber hollow wing spars or fabric wings. The gearbox assembles quickly with screws. The gearbox sides are made of a durable G10 composite material, and ball bearings are used throughout.

The gearbox comes with a set of five pinion gears (16, 18, 20, 22, and 24 teeth) so you can select the best gear ratio for your particular ornithopter. This allows a range of gear ratios from 28:1 to 42:1. Use a smaller pinion gear for slower flapping larger wings. Use a large pinion gear for small wings and more rapid flapping.

The RC ornithopter gearbox is provided with a powerful, efficient AXI 2208/34 outrunner brushless motor. This motor should be used with a three-cell lithium polymer battery around 1200mah.

Building your own ornithopter is much easier with this ready made gearbox. Order one today and get started on your next awesome project!

Ornithopter Gearbox with Motor - 189.95