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S1 Robotic Bird Ornithopter Kit

Wingspan: 67 inches
Length: 36 inches
Weight: 10 ounces
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The S1 Robotic Bird ornithopter introduced a unique new approach to flapping wings. Instead of simply flapping the wings up and down like other ornithopters, it uses an onboard computer that acts like the brain of a real bird. It gives you complete control over the wing movements, for steering and various flight modes. This is an amazing project that blends computer programming with the hands-on reality of building your own ornithopter and watching it fly.

The S1 Robotic Bird uses two powerful servos to move the wings. This sets you free from the restrictions of the crank mechanism used in previous RC ornithopters. Wing movements are now used for steering, so there is no need for any separate mechanism for moving the tail. One unique capability of the S1 Robotic Bird is that you can vary the flapping angle of the wings. This allows a smooth transition between flapping and gliding flight, unlike other ornithopters.

For the "brain" of the S1 Robotic Bird, you can use a microcontroller like the Arduino Nano or Adafruit Trinket. You can program the microcontroller yourself to flap the wings and provide steering movements. In case you aren't up for that, we have a pre-programmed servo controller you can use instead.

The S1 Robotic Bird ornithopter kit is easy to build, but you should have some prior experience flying RC planes. The S1 Robotic Bird requires two servos, a micro-size RC receiver, and a lithium battery approx. 700 mAh, 7.4 volts. For the servos, we recommend Hitec HSB-9370TH digital brushless servos.

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