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Fabric Ornithopter Wings

These high performance fabric wings are designed for the Ornithopter Gearbox and have a 68 inch wingspan. They are made from Icarex light weight kite fabric with sewn dacron leading edge sleeve. The fabric can be lightly airbrushed with Testors Model Master Acryl. The unbraced design provides a better airfoil and lighter weight than Spencer-style braced wings. A thin Kevlar cord can be attached to the leading edge, to maintain the correct tension on the fabric. The set includes two wrapped, tapered, hollow carbon fiber wing spars.

Fabric Wing & Spars Set (white) - 59.95

Wing Spars Only

Hollow, tapered carbon fiber wing spars are the same as those sold with the fabric wing set. Length is 32.5 inches. Weight is 9.0 grams. Tapers from 0.285 inches at the base to 0.220 inches at the tip. The wrapped carbon tubes are much stronger and lighter than "pultruded" tubes. They fit on our machined aluminum servo arm or the ornithopter gearbox.

Wing Spars - 24.95 /pair